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Blair, NE | monica@primallyempowered.com | 402.507.0672

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My name is Monica Lambert. 

I am a Certified Primal Health Coach and I live and work in Blair, Nebraska. I'm a health and fitness enthusiast with an unruly garden, a knack for cooking, and love of interior design.

 After experiencing headaches, exhaustion, and weight gain in my late 30s following the overtraining/undereating paradigm, I found Primal Living and am truly living my best life. I would love to guide you in implementing effective Primal practices for managing your health, home, and fullness of life.


You think you're eating right because you're following the Standard American Diet. Maybe, you've been following the conventional dogma of eat less exercise more. Or, you've put your health on the shelf because of family, work, or just lack of interest. 


You've tried counting calories, weighing, measuring, and intense exercise programs. You've practiced self-discipline, will power and possibly prayer. Or maybe you've tried nothing at all!


But, you're seeing only negative results.  Your fat won't budge, you're experiencing rising cholesterol, diabetes, or maybe even intestinal issues.  Your energy is low and you have chronic aches and pains.  Or worse, you're medicated. And because you look around and see your peers experiencing the same, you think it's just the nature of aging.

But thankfully, it's not true.

Your body was designed for optimal health.  Conventional Wisdom would have us believe that we have little control over our aging, genetic information, and predisposition for health and body fat. But you CAN alter your environment and reprogram your gene expression to render natural predispositions to health problems and excess body fat virtually irrelevant.

Understanding how much influence you have over your health, fitness and well being is empowering! I can teach you how to implement effective tools to empower your body to function efficiently so you can attain sustainable health and lasting change. I would love to share with you the benefits of Primal Living and be your guide step by step, week

by week.

Eating well, chronically exercising, and doing everything "right". 

Primal life - better health and fitness in our 40's with less effort and less time.


The Primal Blueprint is about getting the greatest amount of health and fitness benefits you can with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice.

Mark Sisson



"After 3 kids and being overweight for over half of my life, I am finally losing weight!  I am 5 months in and have lost 30 pounds and have gone down several sizes!  I have energy all day…no 3:00 slump.  I sleep better.  I can play with my kids.  I am happier.  I feel more confident.  My blood markers are in the normal range and I'm off all medications!  My family has benefited from Primal Living and are all making healthier food choices!  Monica has been an encouragement and guide, and has made the transition simple to follow and easy to understand.  Thank you, Monica!!"

Rachael, 12 Week Transformation


"I have recently been wrestling with the desire to steer my family's eating habits towards a more healthy way of eating while still being able to meet the time constraints of a young family. My time with Monica showed me that with some thought and planning, I can easily change the way my family eats and save time! Did I mention that Monica is an amazing cook?! Monica was an incredibly gracious host who showed me that it does often make sense to approach cooking – and perhaps other things in our home – in a systematic and thoughtful manner."

Nikki, Private Cooking Session


"After 10 years of not being able to lose the weight I gained after having kids and my husband struggling with many health problems that were not improving through the use of modern medicine, we decided to try a lifestyle change with the help of Monica. She was able to walk us step by step on how to change the way we think about and use food. Each week we built on what we learned the previous week. After only a few weeks my husband was seeing health improvements and we both were losing weight. By the end of our 12 week session we felt like Monica gave us the tools to continue on this journey and be successful! We highly recommend letting Monica help you in your wellness journey."

Gina, 12 Week Transformation


"My Saturday with 'Monica the MACHINE' was such a blessing! We prepared 12 + full meals and I have pounds upon pounds of cooked beef and chicken, carrots, celery, onion, and broth to make future meal prep even more efficient. Monica pours all her love and organization into her meal prep and I hope that just  a bit of her rubbed off on me as we worked together."

Rebecca, Private Cooking Session


Like a lot of people that have struggled with being overweight for any length of time, we were tired of constant weight loss and weight gain. We made the decision to break the cycle. We tried a few of the fad diets and were looking for something that would help us change our lifestyle permanently. A co-worker of my husband’s referred us to Monica and after one quick chat with her we knew her 12-week coaching program was exactly what we needed and wanted. When we started our coaching my husband had severe sleep apnea and required a CPAP machine. He had trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, chronic back and joint pain, a lack of energy every day, and overall poor quality of life. I also had several health issues, including Diabetes that wasn’t controlled, elevated blood pressure, lack of energy, high cholesterol, joint pain, and an overwhelming sense that I needed to make changes to fix my health issues, but didn’t know how to do it. With Monica’s coaching we were able to get rid of EVERY SINGLE one of these health issues in both of us. We have finally broken the bondage unhealthy food and bad habits had over our life and are extremely grateful! Monica’s coaching will provide you with tools that help treat your body holistically which leaves you feeling EMPOWERED, energetic, and happy. We are very thankful to have had this opportunity to go through this program and are so excited about life once again.

Tracy and Michael, 12 Week Transformation


When Monica began coaching me, I had a couple of obstacles that I knew I would need her help with.  1. For the past 9 years I had not been able to drop weight because I would get bored with the food I was eating.  2. I could not get off of sugar.  I could not get the cravings to go away and so I would give in.  After spending time with Monica and having so many of her resources, I dove into the eating and all the knowledge she was giving me.  She addressed the specific obstacles that I had been dealing with and helped me to break them down.   She had me to her home, and when I saw the way she organized her kitchen and that this was very possible for me to do, I was so thankful.  I am on my twelfth week and my husband is talking about a new wardrobe for me!  I am happy that I am taking good care of the body God has given me. I was able to half my dose of blood pressure medicine I had been on.  Soon I will go off completely.   I feel so wonderful.  Very grateful for Monica!!!!

Cheryl (age 60) 12 Week Transformation



And, let's be real. We have been fed a lie.  Eating according to the Standard American Diet ("SAD") only creates a viscous cycle of hunger, carb cravings, insulin resistance, fat storage, self deprivation, chronic systemic inflammation, fatigue, depression, premature aging and illness.  No wonder so many Americans are overweight, sick and exhausted.

Hectic, modern life has accelerated the decline in health due to a lifestyle shift of high stress, lack of sleep, less activity, and consuming heavily processed, chemically altered foods.

The Primal diet and lifestyle is nothing new, and it is not a fad. Primal living takes us back to our roots - how we were created to eat, move and live. It promotes sustainable health by eating highly satiating, nourishing foods, frequent low level natural movement, lifting heavy things, waking and sleeping with the sun, playtime, intellectual stimulation, and enjoying the benefits of vitamin D through sunlight on our skin.

Primal living is the most effective, simple, energizing, and intuitive way I've found to lose weight, gain strength, and recharge!


You can reprogram your genes to prefer stored fat over sugar for fuel.  You can experience the difference between cravings and true hunger, and teach your body to burn stored body fat day and night. You can be liberated from the idea that exercise is effective for weight management and, instead, learn to implement functional movement to enhance fat metabolism and develop muscle. You can explore ways to make adjustments in your life to combat stressors that may be inhibiting your sleep and health success. 


Achieving sustainable health and transformation is possible.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to give your health its due time.​