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Blair, NE | monica@primallyempowered.com | 402.507.0672

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I'm a Certified Primal Health Coach.  I have a passion for inspiring people who desire to completely transform their health and fitness. I like to engage in conversations, peak interest, and empower people with a new mindset and sustainable approach to health.

I have a degree in education with an emphasis in health. I'm a self-trained chef, a retired home educator, and have twenty six years of experience in domestic life. I'm a wife to Randy, mother to three grown sons, and mother-in-law to two awesome daughters.


Like many of you, my twenties were the years of breastfeeding babies and chasing toddlers.  I was young and thin and exercised when it fit my busy schedule.  Low fat, high carb prepackaged foods were the staples of our “healthy” diet and I was just trying to figure out my way around the kitchen.

My cooking did evolve with the health fads of the day, but when my homeschooled sons hit elementary school, and our grocery budget began to take a hit, I knew there had to be a better way to fill up their growing bellies.  I devoted my time to research, and came to the conclusion that whole food was the way God intended us to eat.

I began grinding wheat to make bread and replaced all the “fake” foods in my home with homemade, healthier versions. I slowly began sourcing raw milk, grass fed beef, pork, and farm eggs.  It worked.  We were getting fuller, our budget was stretching, and I was developing a passion for cooking. 


I would not have considered myself heavy or overweight, but my vanity would always have me desiring to be a bit leaner. I could never manage to drop those few extra "aging" pounds, despite my exercise habits. I spent years riding my bike a hilly thirty miles a day six days a week. I switched to running and routinely ran seven to eight miles a day six days a week, always maintaining a chronic pace. I had never been on a diet in my life, and since we were eating whole foods, I didn’t see a need for change.

I had been experiencing migraine headaches since the birth of my third son.  Around the age of forty, I began to experience more negative changes in my body.  I was gaining weight, always tired, and I was experiencing Season Affective Disorder. I just felt “off”. I didn’t have time for more exercise, and eating less would’ve been absurd. I was beginning to believe that I, too, would fall prey to being fat over forty, and all the other ailments of aging.  My husband had given up grains in an effort to lose the forty pounds he had gained, despite consistent exercise and my homemade cooking, and had lost most of his weight and was feeling great. I was beginning to wonder if this might be part of my issues. 

but not everything is beneficial

the Apostle Paul


One night, while enjoying a meal with friends, they suggested Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, and it became, for me, one of those books that forever changes your life. Based on ancestral health principles, Sisson’s set of simple guidelines was freedom for my soul! It was the final piece of the health puzzle I had laboriously been working. 


Within a week of implementing the tweaks to my diet - which included eliminating inflammatory grains and sugars - and an overhaul of my exercise patterns, I saw drastic improvements in my body composition, fitness level, sleep, cognitive function, vitality, and overall health. I never had another headache, and I had redeemed my time!


Eliminating cheap,insulin producing carbohydrates in favor of higher fat and quality protein not only made a difference in the quantity of food needed to feed my family, but other benefits were showing in my sons - reduction of acne and mood swings, the need to "carb up" before or after ball games, and improved strength.  I knew I was never going back!

I continued to devote myself to the study of nutrition and wellness, and when The Primal Health Expert Certification became available, I immediately enrolled.  The program evolved into training as a Primal Health Coach, an idea that I, at first, dismissed. But as I began to talk with more and more people, I found myself ‘coaching’ without even trying. I also realized that my experience in the kitchen would serve as a tool to help others implement primal cooking in their lives. I embraced my inner coach, recognizing that I can help individuals address their health challenges by engaging them one to one as a personal coach.

At 45, I feel amazing! I am confident that when you embrace the primal lifestyle, you will see such a difference in the way you look and feel, that you, too, will never want to go back.  Let's work together to get you living your best life!