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Nourish - to sustain with food or nutriment; supply what is necessary for life, health, and growth.  To strengthen and build up. 


Hmm - a thought I didn't often equate with the food on my plate. Until I read a book with my boys several years back that had nothing to do with nutrition. It was the beginning of reevaluating my mindset about the things I was putting into my body - at the expense of my health. And my pocket book. The harsh reality:  "Fake" food is lie.


Spare me the time for quoting the book, but I think it offers nourishment for the mind.


The Moves Make The Man by Bruce Brooks - two boys in Home Economics class (remember that?):

“1/2 cup milk
  1/2 cup water (warm)
  2 tsp. cinnamon
  2 1/2 cups crushed Ritz crackers
  1 pie crust

There you go.  That’s the ticket.  Mix it all together, stick it in the oven, and you get yourself one official yummy Home Economics style Mock-Apple pie.  Dig it.

Mocking apples, man.  Where did somebody get the idea that this was a good way to spend the day?  Miss P thought it was pure genius.  So did the girls.  Making something that looked and tasted a little bit like apple pie, only it was completely fake! Hooray! How smart everybody in this world is!


I was groaning after it hit me that Miss P was truly serious...I realized she was thinking we would actually take this tricky glop home and feed it to our poor starving families, bless our poor undernourished little hearts.

This is not food, I said.  It’s a costume.  The only reason anybody even thinks about apple pie when they eat this is the cinnamon, I bet, because they are used to tasting cinnamon in real apple pie, and you are counting on fooling them on this little decoration taste alone.  You’re probably right, most of these dopes will go no further than tasting the spices and saying Ah, this must be apple pie, because most dopey people judge too fast from the first thing they see anyway.  So you put some little thing in to trick them, and it’s enough.  But you can’t fool the body needing vitamins can you?

Come on.  Is it tastier, more delicious, more scrumptious than old genuine apple pie, old Non-Mock-Apple-Pie?  

Are Ritz crackers more nourishing than apples?  Are they less expensive? Do they save on the family grocery bill in these difficult times?  He walked over and snatched the cracker box and brought it back to our table.  Seventy-six cents for ten ounces, he read.  I think apples go for about twenty cents a pound.  So Ritz crackers are not more economical for the home are they?

So, he said. Not more scrumptious, not more nourishing, not cheaper. So why in the blue do we have to make this junk?

It’s simple, I said. We have to make this crummy pie because we CAN make it.  That’s all.  That’s the reason a lot of fools do a lot of things.”



(The Moves Make The Man -
an awesome Newberry Honor Book, “Jerome can teach Bix basketball, but Bix just won’t learn to fake. Bix wants a game where truth is the winner -FAKING IS A LIE. Are the moves just faking it or are they another kind of truth?”)



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 I'm a Certified Primal Health Coach and I live and work in Blair, Nebraska.  My goal as a health coach is to empower others who desire to take responsibility for their health and challenge them to reevaluate what we've been led to believe about wellness. I would love to share with you the benefits of primal living and be a guide on your journey to sustainable health.

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