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Pinterest.  Food Blogs.  Facebook.  They're everywhere.


The last thing any of us needs is another recipe to inspire us to finally start meal prepping.

Too many options often hinder our efforts when we spend more time searching for that perfect recipe rather than just sticking with our go-to's.


You already know that attempting a new recipe takes a lot of extra TIME - shopping, gathering ingredients, reading every step of the directions, and finally preparing.  While this effort might make us FEEL like we are providing something “better” for our families, it will bring us to the point of burnout quickly.


Want to know a secret?  Primal eating is not only the best way to eat, it's the simplest way to eat! Understanding what foods support your body can be the best motivator and time saver. Once you know what foods to eat (hint: veggies, meat, and good fat) it makes the whole meal prep thing kind of easy. 


While the pictures on Pinterest are beautiful, most of them can be eliminated because they don't offer the proper nutrients, and the time required to make them doesn't fit your busy life anyway!


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I encourage you to get really good at making 10 meals.  Rotate them.  Know them.  Master them.  THEN, start bringing in a new recipe here and there. 


Get to KNOW your new recipes and then add some more.  If you are like me, once you make something new it becomes quite easy to figure out which steps are unnecessary, which ingredients can be substituted, and what can be done ahead to reduce cooking time.

The point is to feed yourself and your family quality food.  

If you're constantly making the job more time consuming on a daily basis, chances are it will be 5 o'clock and you will be wondering:  “What’s for dinner?”


Need some extra help with food prep?  Work with me to hone your cooking skills.

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 I'm a Certified Primal Health Coach and I live and work in Blair, Nebraska.  My goal as a health coach is to empower others who desire to take responsibility for their health and challenge them to reevaluate what we've been led to believe about wellness. I would love to share with you the benefits of primal living and be a guide on your journey to sustainable health.

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